Visibility matters: If we want to change the world, we need to change the stories we tell.

Cereal is a creative studio that leverages the talent of a diverse roster of writers and filmmakers through an innovative writers room model. Using remote collaboration tools, we mix local talent with talent from around the world to include voices reflective of the project’s intended audience.

We're your end-to-end creative partners.

From strategy and conception, to development and production, we deliver engaging, mold-breaking serialized content. Our work challenges assumptions and breaks down stereotypes, bringing underrepresented stories to any platform.

Serialized content has staying power.

In a world where a meme or viral video captures the public's attention for a few hours before it's relegated to the depths of the internet, serialized content has staying power. It fuels conversations, energizes audiences, and encourages engagement.

What we do

From social-first series and branded content to web series, podcasts, and TV shows, we know what it takes to capture an audience's attention. Our story-first approach means that viewers won't feel like they're watching a commercial or branded content - because they won't be. They'll be engaging with an entertaining, heartwarming, laugh-inducing, thrilling, scream-worthy, or thought-provoking series with characters and stories they relate to. Content that prioritizes keeps people coming back, episode after episode.

Brands + Publishers + Agencies


Audiences have constant access to premium content - they can watch what they want, when they want, wherever they are. With so many options, who would choose to watch an ad? We’ll produce documentary or narrative serialized content in your voice for social, mobile, podcasts, TV, or web. We can also workshop your ideas, develop pitches, stories, and scripts with your audience in mind.


Streaming Platforms + Networks

We identify and develop television shows and companion series that audiences are hungry for - rather than rehashing the same old thing, we’re focused on content that challenges assumptions and and breaks down stereotypes. Whether on the screen or behind the scenes, we will create opportunities for underrepresented talent from development through production.