Welcome to Keensboro

In this pilot episode, 17-year-old Kory Hernandez arrives in Keensboro, her new temporary home, and nothing has prepared her for living on a high-tech farm. She feels out of sorts with her new foster family, the Millers, and she searches for solace on the farm’s short-wave radio, hoping to find word about her family back home in Queens, New York.

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Cast (in order of appearance)
Kory Hernandez/ Isa Hernandez
Jessica Darrow 

Luna Hernandez
Maite Bonilla

Mateo Hernandez/ George
Gabriel Awan

Frank Miller/ Bus Driver
Al Pagano

Marigold Miller
Loretta Anne Miller

Janis Miller
Jessica Krueger

Addison Anderson

Development and production
Executive Producers

Heather Taylor
Hillary Nussbaum
Asch Harwood

Heather Taylor & Hillary Nussbaum

Hillary Nussbaum

Heather Taylor

Story Editors
Zoe Fleer
Chloe Wilson
Jiefei Yuan

Audio Producer & Dialogue Editor
Brian Goodheart

Sound Design & Re-Recording Mixer
Kelly Oostman

Special Thanks
Sonic Union
Kate Joynes-Burgess
Sarah Goodman
Stacie Capone
Craig Williams